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We have listed some of the most frequently asked questions at the Embassy below. Please do not hesitate to contact the Embassy if your enquiry is not answered in these or other parts of the Embassy's website.

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Where can I find Danish legislation?

Please note that all documents in Retsinformation are in Danish. Translations of some of central acts etc. can in some cases be found on the home page of the relevant ministry.

Living in Denmark

I am not a Danish national, can I live and work in Denmark?



How do I get a CPR number?

CPR registration



I am moving to Denmark and would like to import a car. What should I do?










Am I entitled to a Danish pension? If so how do I apply?

You can find the necessary information here.


Where can I find information about taxation in Denmark?

You can find the necessary information at the homepage: Work in Denmark.

Tracing a person or your family tree

Tracing a person in Denmark

Where can I look up someone’s address or telephone number?

The National Registration Office ("Folkeregisteret") may provide the address of a person living in Denmark provided 2 pieces of information are available: The name of the person in question and his/her date of birth OR previous address in Denmark. It is not possible to locate a person only by means of his/her name.

The National Registration Office of Copenhagen charges a fee and may be contacted on the following address:

Dahlerupsgade 6
DK-1640 Copenhagen V
Tel: +45 7080 7010

How do I trace my Danish family tree?

Check this website at

Travelling with pets to Denmark

If I would like to take my pet to Denmark what do I require?

Click here to check out the rules
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