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List of Danes Abroad

It only takes two minutes to register on the new List-of-Danes-Abroad.

The purpose of the list of Danes Abroad is to enable the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs to contact you if an emergency crisis situation arises abroad. Crisis situations can happen in all countries, why you should register both when you travel within Europe or more far away, and regardless if your stay is short or you live permanently abroad. Registration on the list is voluntary.
Download the app “Rejseklar” in the App store or Google Play. Sign-up requires name, phone number, e-mail, country of stay and duration. If you reside in the country of registration, you will be registered for 12 months. Information in the app as well as messages sent to persons on the list will be in Danish. All it takes to register is two minutes – it’s for your own safety.
Please be informed that since it is not possible to transfer your data from the old Danskerliste-system, we encourage you to register on the new list of Danes Abroad.
Find “Rejseklar” for iPhone on iTunes here:

Find "Rejseklar" for Android on "Google Play" here: