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Danish Theatre Play "Etnoporno" in Athens April 26 @18 in Topos Allou

26.02.2013  14:04



Etnoporno is playing in Athens, in theatre Topos Allou, on the 26th of April @18.00. The performance is complimentary and will be in English.


Brave Debate Theater on today’s multicultural society.

Etno: (from greek etnos) People

Porno: (from greek porne) To excite, arouse, stir up. Also refers to an industry that makes tons of money on projecting a very stereotypical view.

Etnoporno:  The stereotypical way in which the media projects people of different ethnicity, in order to make money.

Aisha is a young woman, who has had enough. In Etnoporno, Aisha accuses society for branding ethnicity and oppressing women. She just wants to be normal and be met as who she is, but she is only met with prejudices and preconceived opinions about “people like her”.

Aisha is struggling with her identity, being trapped between two cultures, and the hypocrisy and oppression of women that she sees all around her.  She is torn between her rage and will to be heard, and her desire to be normal, and be met without the prejudice and norms of society. 

Now she is running for X-factor, to get her voice heard, and get a political platform. She wants to rebel by starting the movement Women’s Front for Sexual and Political Liberation. The question is – how will she use her power if she achieves her goals? Aisha wants to gather women to fight against the oppression of women and the exclusion from society because of foreign ancestry. 


The monologue attacks multicultural society, and is a raised finger to everyone who thinks they know what that is. The performance is full of rage, but at the same time full of humor. Topics like identity, prejudice, cultural differences and the role of the media are treated in a direct way that encourages reflection and debate.   


Etnoporno and the Greek tragedy

Etnoporno is being performed in Athens as part of the European culture project Ancient Pathos. The project relates to the ancient Greek tragedies. The project has four partners, from Italy, Greece, Spain and Denmark. The partners have each produced a contemporary play, either based on a tragedy or on themes from the ancient tragedies.

The four performances are played in Athens in theatre Topos Allou on the 26th and 27th of April, and are put together in a single performance, which is played on the 28th of April at 7PM.   


Director: Henriette Holm Pathare

Actress: Amira Jasmina Shalaby Jensen

Scenographer: Susanne Juul

Script: America Vera-Zavala

Performance leader: Mik Manley Andersson

The script is written by the Chilean-born Swedish citizen America Vera-Zavala. She is an author, politician and activist, and founder of the Swedish branch of the Attac movement.

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