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Pressemeddelelse. ECOWEEK: Changing Public Space from Athens to Copenhagen

Press Release – 6/10/13
Changing public space from Athens to Copenhagen

Greek non-profit organization ECOWEEK is developing a strong bridge with Denmark. Recently, 17 out of 26 projects developed by the one-week ECOWEEK New Nordic Living workshops in sites of the Nordvest district of Copenhagen, were chosen for implementation by the Copenhagen Municipality.

The ECOWEEK New Nordic Living workshops were organized and hosted by the KEA – Copenhagen School of Design and Technology in May 13-19, 2013. The chosen projects include apartment block pathways, climate change adaptation, active gardens and urban farming, a new park, environmentally aware playgrounds, therapy gardens, a street market, new bike sheds, a new car park, the reuse of an abandoned office building, rainwater draining, and a 'green' extension of Karen's house. The projects were developed by groups of students and young architects, engineers, designers and landscape designers from Denmark, Greece, Italy, Israel, Brazil, Sweden, China, UK, Spain, and Poland. The groups were guided by an international group of architects and designers from around the world, including Greece.

Similar interventions are also planned and applied to the Greek public space by students and young professionals in workshops organized by ECOWEEK in Athens and Thessaloniki in collaboration with the Municipalities of Athens and Thessaloniki respectively. They include an array of problem-solving design proposals that aim to both improve the public space and to implement sustainable solutions. Projects include a public square in Kypseli, a pedestrian path through the ‘prosfigika’ in Panormou, interior remodeling for Hliachtida non-profit institution in Nea Smyrni, the redesign of public school gardens, the transformation of the DETH exposition grounds into a sustainable public park, design-built interventions in the public parks of Papanastassiou and the VIP parking of PAOK stadium in Thessaloniki, and more.

ECOWEEK is an international non-profit organization established in Aegina in 2005 by architect, green building expert and social entrepreneur Elias Messinas. ECOWEEK mission is to raise environmental awareness and to promote the principles of sustainability. ECOWEEK is active in 15 countries and the ECOWEEK NETwork has members in 43 countries.

Through collaboration with the Danish Embassy in Athens since 2008, ECOWEEK has hosted lectures by leading Danish architecture firms in Athens and Thessaloniki, including Henning Larsen, Architects maa, ADEPT Architects, CF Moller Architects, and VGLCPH Architects. More collaborative activities are planned for the future.

More details at www.ecoweek.gr